Big Red Machinery Movers

We offer a wide range of services and support for all your specialized relocation, rigging, and erection needs of unique equipment and machinery throughout the industry. Some of our specialized services include: Optical Alignment, Precision Leveling and Anchoring, On-site Fabrication Services, Certified Industrial Welding, Millwright Work, Drafting Services, Mobile Crane Services, Overhead Crane (Installation/Removal), and Machinery Erecting.

Big Red Services and Solutions

Whether you are relocating one machine 50 feet away, or an entire plant 5,000 miles, we offer the equipment and knowledge necessary for any of your industrial rigging and relocation needs.

We understand every project is unique, which is why we offer a wide assortment of step deck, detachable, double-drop, and flatbed trailers to fit your detailed hauling and relocation needs.

No matter the duration, we have the space for all your storage needs. Offering over 120,000 square feet of temperature-controlled indoor space, and nearly 3 acres of outdoor availability.

Not Enough Overhead Room to use a Standard Truck Crane?

Don’t want to put an access hole in your roof?

Call Big Red to discuss how we can help solve your moving issues using our state-of-the-art Tri Lifters to get the job done. With our overhead crane fixture, we can exceed 30’ crane rail, installs, or removals. Our TL-150 BW is capable of lifting 25,000# from 25’ away.


Just a few of our past projects completed for our loyal and trusted customers!

“…you have always helped us move big machines on schedule with your knowledge and equipment.”

Max Mayer Diamond Rigging Corp.

“This move was accomplished with virtually no interruption to Briggs’ normal production and completed on schedule.”

Ben Armstrong Briggs & Stratton Corporation

“They have been outstanding people to work with!”

Dan Roedl Capitol Stamping Corp.

“You have partnered with the MFD H.U.R.T. for over six years to assist this valuable special team with training. Without your support many of these trainings would have either not have occurred or been dramatically scaled back. As a leader in the heavy lifting industry, you have been an extremely valuable resource as we grow our response capabilities. Your generosity is directly reflected in our team’s ability to operate more effectively and efficiently at emergency scenes involving the need to lift, roll, or otherwise displace heavy loads.”

Mark Rohlfing Chief of the Milwaukee Fire Department
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