Our Specialized Rigging and Relocation Equipment

As one of foremost leaders in rigging and heavy haul contract services in the industry, you can bet we have learned to work with the right tools and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. We live by our motto here at Big Red, and we take pride in stating “Big or Small, We Move It ALL”.

The Big Dogs

Our larger equipment affords us the opportunity to work with extremely heavy lifts and relocations, without losing an ounce of precision or maneuverability in the process. With load capabilities ranging from 35,000-1.2 million lbs., these “Big Dogs” are an asset to our fleet, and our customers.


Big Red holds a large role in the engineering and implementation of this unique piece of equipment. Due to this, our knowledge of its’ operating capabilities is seemingly unmatched within the industry. We take great pride in the fact that we have successfully mastered its’ use with precision and efficiency. Big Red’s Fleet of Tri-lifters consists of one custom 75 ton TL-150, and two 50 ton TL-100’s. These machines can be used as stand-alone lifts, or in conjunction with some of our unique attachments, depending on project specs and applications. With a 360-degree turning radius and extendable booms, these machines can truly do it all!

600 Ton EZ Lifter Gantries

This 2-leg, 8 cylinder system is the largest within the quad state area. Given that, our experienced team of riggers and movers come fully prepped for any project this “Big Dog” is necessary. Offering over 300 feet of available runway sections, steel plate for load distribution, and overhead picking beams for both low and high clearance projects. This portable system is only useful when ran properly, and our team of operators are the best in the business when it comes to this high capacity lifting equipment!

Versa Lift 25/35

With the counter weight fully extended, this 25/35 Versa Lift has a 35,000 lb. capacity, at a 4′ load center. Given its’ smaller and more compact size, you could say this is the “pup” of the “Big Dogs”. Even so, it is an essential and versatile piece of machinery for our customers and crew.

Taylor Riggers Special

With a load capacity of 40 tons, this “Big Dog” needs more room than others to operate, but is great for open areas and outdoor use on larger picks. This machine has 8’ forks and an optional boom attachment, offering the availability to simply “grab-and-go”, given ample space is provided.

The Small Dogs

Versatility is essential within our industry, and though we specialize in heavy rigging and relocation services, smaller pieces of equipment will always be an integral part of our arsenal. Make no mistake, these “Small Dogs” pack a big punch when it comes to their load capacity.


We hold a large variety of Hyster forklifts that have a load capacity ranging from 2,500-15,000 lbs. Each is equipped with 8 ft. forks, as well as various boom attachments that can be utilized to reach up and over other objects. Our triple low mast, and triple high mast lifts have 20 ft. of vertical travel, giving us further access to hard to reach equipment in tight spaces. This keeps us from having to disrupt the surrounding environment, and allows us to reach just about anything.

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