Industrial Moving and Rigging

We understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to relocate machinery, which is why we offer custom engineered moving and rigging solutions from our talented and trusted staff.

Big Red Makes Big Moves Easy

For over 35 years, Big Red has been the foremost leader in specialized rigging, heavy hauling, and relocation solutions throughout the quad state area for the industrial manufacturing industry. We provide the equipment, engineering, and knowledge necessary to safely complete each project according to customer specifications. Whether it be 1,200 lbs, or 1.2 million lbs, “BIG or small, we move it ALL”

Moving and Rigging Services

Printing Equipment

Single pieces of equipment, or entire plant relocations.

Medical Equipment

MRIs, CT Scanners, X-Ray Equipment, etc.

Fabrication Equipment

Lasers, stamping presses, press breaks, etc.

Ships and Shipyard

Boat launching, ship equipment and parts, shipyard equipment relocation.


Rail cars, and railroad related equipment.

Oversized Products

Oversized and super-load transportation solutions.

Whether you are relocating one machine 50 feet, or an entire plant 5,000 miles, we offer the equipment and knowledge necessary for any of your industrial rigging and relocation needs. Our vast fleet of equipment, paired with our experienced team, affords us the opportunity to work with any difficult project. By applying detailed engineering solutions, coordinating with onsite staff, and utilizing our knowledge and skill, there is nothing we cannot move.

Engineering and Custom Rigging Solutions

Big Red has the expertise to make any move or lift safe and efficient no matter the size, weight, or type of item requested. Our experience with rigging, moving, and hauling of oversized loads has earned us a reputation within the industry, “BIG or small, we move it ALL”. We take pride in our work by offering specialized engineering services to plan and execute any difficult relocation for our customers. Indoors or outdoors, we have you covered.

Specialized Services

We offer a wide range of services and support for all your specialized relocation, rigging, and erection needs of unique equipment and machinery throughout the industry. Some of our more notable moves have been: Ships, Bridges, Church Steeples and Monuments, Naval Equipment, Rail Cars, and Oversized Ethanol Vats.

Included in our arsenal are:

  • Optical Alignment
  • Precision Leveling and Anchoring
  • On-site Fabrication Services
  • Certified Industrial Welding
  • Millwright Work
  • Drafting Services
  • Mobile Crane Services
  • Overhead Crane (Installation/Removal)
  • Machinery Erecting
  • On-Site Shipment Preparation

See Us in Action


Just a few of our past projects completed for our loyal and trusted customers!

“Your quick and efficient work has helped us in presenting a cleaner and better workshop for all concerned.”

Andrew Mueller Accurate Specialties Inc.

“Congratulations. You threw a 22,000 lb. dart and hit two simultaneous bulls-eyes. You’ve bruised areas you can’t see, and strained muscles you forgot you had, and accomplished what I believed was next to impossible.”

Scott Craw Marinette Marine Corporation

“Capitol strongly recommends Big Red as a top-notch and very professional heavy equipment moving company.”

Paul Cadorin Capitol Stamping Corp.

“Terry and his crew did a great job!”

Randy Stroik H&S Manufacturing

“Terry and his team did a great job complying with our safety rules, and kept an organized and clean work area”

Troy Hartwig Greenheck
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