Heavy Urban Rescue Team (H.U.R.T.)



  • Involvement in annual training for the Heavy Urban Rescue Team of the Milwaukee Fire Department.
  • Use of facilities, material, and equipment to simulate situational scenarios in the field.
  • Training on heavy lifting techniques and skills useful for urban environments.
  • Awarded the Community Partnership Award for involvement in emergency training procedures involving the need to lift, roll, and displace heavy loads.


Project Information

Since 2011, Big Red has been an active participant in assisting the Heavy Urban Rescue Team (HURT) of the Milwaukee Fire Department with situational training scenarios to better serve the citizens of Milwaukee. Throughout the years, our dedicated crew members have provided their knowledge and skillsets with heavy lifting equipment to HURT trainings.

As you may know, the industry we serve emphasizes efficiency and precision. These qualities come from completing decades of detail-oriented work, with a high regard on implementing effective safety measures along the way. The team members of HURT are required to respond to emergency situations, while operating in high stress environments to secure the safety of the parties involved. Because of this, they are sometimes given only minutes to come up with a strategy of attack, creating an
ever-increasing emphasis to operate with precision and effectiveness in mind.

At Big Red, our goal while working with the Milwaukee Fire Department has always been to pass along these attributes and abilities with heavy lifting equipment, so that HURT can respond appropriately in the field when necessary. It has been both a privilege and an honor to assist these brave individual’s so they can better provide the critical emergency services our city counts on.

On behalf of Big Red Machinery Movers, thank you to all our emergency responders for your service! Your sacrifice is held with high esteem, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside the Heavy Urban Rescue Team of the Milwaukee Fire Department.

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