Colsac III - Merrimac Ferry



  • Transportation and delivery of Colsac III ferry sections to West Point township.
  • Placement of ferry sections at Okee Landing for final assembly.
  • Initial launch of the Merrimac Ferry after completely assembled.


Project Information

Big Red successfully transported all major sections of the Colsac III (a.k.a. Merrimac Ferry) to the Okee Landing in West Point township. The two 50 Ton pontoons, along with other major components of the vessel, were trucked and offloaded by Big Red crew members for final assembly in 2003. Once completely assembled, our team returned to assist with the launching procedure for its’ maiden voyage. The Ferry now shuttles pedestrian vehicles from the village of Merrimac, 7.5 miles across the Lake of Wisconsin, to Okee Landing.

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