The Grafton Bridge



  • Relocation of the “Bridge Street Bridge” to the Lime Kiln Park in Grafton, WI.
  • Moved as one entire piece.
  • Placed at its’ final resting place within the park for display purposes.


Project Information

Big Red effectively detached, rigged, and relocated this 33 Ton bridge from its’ span across the Milwaukee River on Bridge Street in Grafton, WI. After 11 decades of service to the Grafton area community, the “Bridge Street Bridge” was craned out of position by Big Red crew members to a temporary site, located on the east bank of the river. -The structure was then “walked” through the streets of Grafton with two forklifts to its’ final destination. The bridge now sits in the Lime Kiln Park, serving as a landmark of historical value for community members.

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