Verson Press Move



  • (2) Verson Presses were received, unloaded, cleaned, and stored at our indoor facilities.
  • As the new location was readied, the presses were once again loaded, transported, and installed for Atlas Metals.


Project Information

Big Red received many truck loads of these disassembled Verson presses, several being over size. We unloaded with our Tri-lifters, Riggers Special 40ton Taylor and stored the presses in pieces in our 3-acre indoor warehouse. The clutch was rebuilt and the units were cleaned at our facility. After the pits at the new location were ready we loaded the oversize pieces and trucked the presses to Waukesha for the install. At the location, we set up the 600 Ton Gantries, set the base, stood up the side frames, installed the bed, placed the crown on top, and connected the slide. The project was finished by leveling out the installed components.

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